(sedatedintolife) mortal angel in the mortal coil (sedatedintolife) wrote in promo_nation,
(sedatedintolife) mortal angel in the mortal coil


My birthday is October 14th. I am super excited of course, hoping to get a pet slot on my favorite site ^^

Do me an easy favor and join subeta and put Ligress as the referral? /nerdy request lol

It's a lovely site with all sorts of forums, chatting, pets and pet battling, as well as having art shops
and ways to earn real cash doing commissions if you can draw pet or human avatar art,
or code layouts/profiles for site users! There are even staff positions available sometimes =)

Come join the fun, real world topics are allowed and you can customize your avatar with hundreds of
clothing themes, from zelda inspired things to Pokemon and anime themed items =)
We have lovely site events there like Alegarten (oktoberfest), Morostide (Halloween) and Lumanire (Christmas), as well as restocking wars and galleries !

Do me an easy favor if you do join subeta and put Ligress as the referral?

I will send you a free welcoming gift as a bonus if you show up on my referral list =)
Thanks you guys!

Sorry for the lack of cut, I won't do these often and I really would like this seen.
I made the banner myself xD
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